Nomination Update – Pius Seguya

My nomination is on the 25th of November and we are planning a public rally that day to officially launch my Manifesto. We will have a drive through much of the constituency after the nomination, but before the rally takes place.

The formal nomination process involves the following:

  • candidates presenting their academic transcripts
  • an oath from the commissioner/judge that the information presented is correct
  • voter details of individuals nominating them
  • copy of their program for the official campaigns
  • a person to make the motion to formally nominate a Candidate to the Contest and a Seconder of the motion (to agree).

All of this information is given to the electoral commission. A Certificate is then issued and the person is officially declared Candidate. The commission then takes time to verify the documents presented just in case someone lied/didn’t follow the law.

The 25th of November promises to be a long, but very fruitful day and I hope that anyone who is able will come out to support me at the rally. In the meantime, there is a lot of work to get done in the next few weeks and I will bring you more news as things take shape.

Pius Seguya


About piusseguya

Candidate for Kyadondo East Constituency
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