Nangabo Sub-County

Nangabo Sub-County has a population of 58,426 people as per the 2002 census. The majority of these are engaged in agriculture, most of which is subsistence. Nangabo also has a big number of people, especially youth engaged in bodaboda, brick laying and other similar activities that minimally provide a living.

The sub-county is divided into 9 parishes; Nangabo, Gayaza, Wampeewo, Kabubbu, Bulamu, Kiteezi, Wattuba, Masooli and Katadde. These parishes are represented by councilors who form the sub-county council. The councilors, along with the sub-county’s LC III Chairman and other leaders plan and implement for the development of the area.

According to the National Electoral Commission, Nangabo has 27,235 voters, 46 polling stations as per the 2006. With the recently concluded voter registration, this figure is likely to increase.

As the population grows in Kyaddondo East, a number of towns are cropping up and old ones widening geographically. This growth has not been planned and as a result, slums are on the increase with all the problems associated with unplanned neighborhoods.

There are also environmental issues that need to be adequately handled so as to protect the eco-system especially in areas that are still intact but face a risk of destruction as people ever push for their economic survival. This risk is worsened by the ever growing number of people who use firewood as their source of energy. Over 90% of the population of Kyaddondo East relies on forests for their cooking.


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  1. Barbara says:

    hi. This is a good piece about nangabo sub-county. However what strategies do u think should be put in place to ensure the dwvelopment of the area in the nearest future?

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