Social Services

Social Services in Kyaddondo East Constituency

The constituency has great challenges with the provision of services to its people.

There are only 7 health care centers, 5 of which are in Kira Town. These centers are not so accessible especially by the population in rural areas. Lack of drugs in these centers is a common problem and leaves so many without the needed medications for their illnesses.

Much of Kira Town and some towns in Nangabo have running water. However, in many of these areas it’s unreliable as it has low pressure and cannot run all day. In other areas, water is so inaccessible and unsafe for human use. This is worsened by the fact that the unprotected water sources are shared with animals.

Despite the many schools, private and public, and other learning institutions, education is still inaccessible to the majority of people in the constituency. Illiteracy levels are so high and are set to increase with the growing populations if efforts to arrest the situation are not improved. The greatest percentage of the adult population did not get a formal education and therefore can not read and write. This problem still faces much as the young generation as a result of poverty and lack of enough/well facilitated schools.

Most of the people in the constituency live in rented single/two roomed houses. It is not uncommon to find families of about 6 or more people sharing a single room. Whereas more people struggle and manage to put up better housing for themselves and their families, many continue to live in very poor dwellings with little/no hope of better ones. They are enchained in poverty that makes it almost impossible for them to have better homes. Only efforts to support them out of poverty, and deliberate intervention of community housing plans can give them a safer and convenient dwelling.


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