2016; Two Good Candidates for President

We have been hoodwinked by a number of candidates planted by president Museveni, in his usual guerrilla tactics, as contestants against him. Some of whom have actually presented a very stiff challenge against him.

If wisdom prevails within the NRM and FDC, Mr. Museveni and Dr. Besigye will not contest for the presidency in 2016, which will offer better prospects for good governance and economic development in the country. Should one of them contest, and actually win the election, things will most likely not be any much different from what they are now.

Pray the 2 step aside. NRM will then front a candidate with Mr. Museveni’s backing, who will most likely be his rubberstamp. FDC will also give the electorate different nominee. It will most likely be much harder for FDC to sell their candidate than it will be for NRM, with their added expertise in vote rigging.

DP’s Norbert Moa is likely to appear on the ballot in 2016. He is by the way one of those I am closely watching to give my support. His clean record of success as MP and LC5, Gulu speaks for itself. Interesting how Ssebaggala hoped to win over such a brainy gentleman in the recent DP presidential elections!

There is the Hon. Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. He has positioned himself as an ally of the people of Kampala, a move that has him widely viewed by sections in the country as a pro-people leader. As an MP, he did well in promoting good governance and transparency in the country. This saw him expose the dubious activities of many in government relating to the sale of KCC property in the capital.

Mr. Lukwago determined to ‘clean up’ Kampala with the same audacity, if not more, that the thieves determined to progress their dirty deals. He has always been careful not to alienate his constituents. As a wise politician, and leader, we cannot, with absolute certainty, say he is not eying the presidency. And his desired time is possibly 2016.

One wonders why he never contested for the presidency of DP. Whatever the reasons, he was smart. He freed himself up to ally with any political faction he saw fit without the burden of party restrictions. He has enjoyed the support of IPC, FDC, DP, JEEMA and other parties, but more so the support of the man on the street.

His bid for the presidency will enjoy much support. Most likely, Dr. Besigye will bless him, along with FDC. The Colonel will do much to sell him in the west and in every area where FDC has strong support. He will especially enjoy the Central Region support easily and the support of the media houses where the state hand is restrained.

The Hon. Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago will possibly win the support of many NRM ‘well-wishers’ and maybe members. The disgruntled within the NRM will want a candidate to support and might see him as that candidate.

However, the FDC support will depend on whether the party fields a candidate. There is also a possibility the Hon. Lord Mayor may see it fit to join FDC rather than remain non-aligned. Should he make that move, he can rest assured that DP, especially Moa, will be ‘enemies’.

Should the youth desire a candidate close to their age-group and energy, Mao and Lukwago will see themselves splitting that constituency. As for me, either must work hard to convince me he is better.

The Hon. Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago may also consider taking the fight against Mao to DP for the presidency. Which would be a very strong fight, and actually unnecessary, to cause an amendment in the DP constitution or much prayer to occasion reasons for an early election or to ensure that a party president does not necessarily bear the party’s flag in an election.

Whatever happens, we will have to see a need for some form of party alliance as we have seen in the past. This time, we will need meaningful alliances. Should that be the way to go, the Hon. Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Hon. Nobert Mao may find it helpful to reach an agreement where one supports the other for either one term or two terms with the other serving as Vice President.

That way, they scratch each other’s back in the North where Hon. Mao is certainly stronger and in the Central where the Hon. Lord Mayor is stronger. The constituents who vote on religious lines of Christianity and Islam will be well catered for. Other political parties may see their interests catered for. The IPC vote will not be split and Dr. Besigye will find his work relatively easy.

The 2 may consider a premier from the West or East and a considerable number of Ministers from either region, depending.

A political arrangement like this may weaken the NRM who, despite of their hold on everything powerful, save the people, have no acceptable candidate with a clean record that can be sold to the nation.

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Nomination Update – Pius Seguya

My nomination is on the 25th of November and we are planning a public rally that day to officially launch my Manifesto. We will have a drive through much of the constituency after the nomination, but before the rally takes place.

The formal nomination process involves the following:

  • candidates presenting their academic transcripts
  • an oath from the commissioner/judge that the information presented is correct
  • voter details of individuals nominating them
  • copy of their program for the official campaigns
  • a person to make the motion to formally nominate a Candidate to the Contest and a Seconder of the motion (to agree).

All of this information is given to the electoral commission. A Certificate is then issued and the person is officially declared Candidate. The commission then takes time to verify the documents presented just in case someone lied/didn’t follow the law.

The 25th of November promises to be a long, but very fruitful day and I hope that anyone who is able will come out to support me at the rally. In the meantime, there is a lot of work to get done in the next few weeks and I will bring you more news as things take shape.

Pius Seguya

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Spire High School & Manyangwa Modern Primary School

Spire Well

Drawing water from a newly hand-dug deep water well. A new way to help solve the problem of water scarcity.

A deep water well has been dug and constructed at Spire High School. The men were able to go down more than 100 feet with their hoes, pickaxes, cut jerrycans and ropes to get the water. Spire High school is located on hill, the men excavated the earth with some concern of what if the water is not found down there?! But they were hopefull all the way, expressing their willingness to dig down up to 170 feet it that was required. They dug through soft soil and hard rock as well.  When they reached about 90 feet, they had to start to construct with brick, cement and sand to protect the soft soil that they had gotten into from falling into the water, and also to protect themselves from being burried by that same soil.

Today, they have managed to construct a covering on the mouth of the well. It was last Saturday, July 3rd 2010, that they started to draw the water, still mixed with dirt, and the table still raising. It is clean water now. They are still drawing it with a rope. The students, too, will use the rope for some time. However, the school hopes that with time, an electric water pump will be installed to ease the work.

We were so moved by the love and hope with which Mr. Kibedi, head of the team, and all his team carried out the work. Some members of his team fell sick and the work stalled for about a week. But they were able to resume and complete. We can never thank them enough. Perhaps the knowledge of how much useful their contribution to the school and the nearby community would be kept them going.

We hope that communities will with time be able to copy this model of deep water wells as they can be less costly in setting up and maintaining compared to boreholes and other water sources. We will however have to observe the well over a period of time to see if any changes occur.

We want to warmly thank all the friends of Project Hope-Uganda; British Airways, A Ray of Hope(who is also both mother and father), St. Marks Nursery and Primary School, Fielding Primary School, etc, for this blessing of water to a school and community who have had to travel long distances to draw water from ponds.

Also, Manyangwa Modern Primary School got electrified.  I will take some pictures when I visit them next.

Pius Seguya

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