About Pius Seguya


Born on 15th of Jan 1984, I went to Gayaza Church of Uganda Primary School, Pride Academy and Progressive Secondary School Bweyogere for my ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels respectively. I went to Future Flyers Academy in South Africa and also studied at Aptech worldwide computer Institute, Uganda campus.

In 2003, I joined efforts to help the needy and support education in Uganda, worked as co-liaison and advisor, Uganda, to the UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace. Along with a group of others, I saw the establishment of Project Hope – Uganda in 2008, becoming one of its first co-directors.

In 2003, I finished writing the manuscript for the pamphlet ‘Mission Prosperity – Love Yourself, Love Your Nation’.

I am also a contributor to the Promota Africa Magazine based in the UK (www.thepromota.co.uk)


Reading and writing
Sharing ideas with others in the pursuit of positive change
Volunteering for Community development causes

Read more about me at my candidacy website.


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